Company outings - corona proof - by bike
or walking.

Get to know (the history of) your own (companies) surroundings!




In the autumn of 2019 we started A bike tour company for tourists.
Now that there will be no - or less - tourists for a while, we are shifting our field of activity.
It is clear that the conditions for company outings are different than before.
We think cycling, or walking, with your colleagues is a perfect basis for a company outing.



You make a tour through your companies city and, if wanted, its surroundings .
The government and RIVM guidelines are 100% followed.
You will learn the history of the city throug a simple historical game.
Your team works together. Everyone discovers a piece of the puzzle.
The team members meet in a way that suits the (Corona) situation at that time.
One by one, or in (small) teams, you exchange your acquired knowledge and together you will create an end story.
Of course there are options for stopovers, food, drinks, etc.



In the city - or in the village - where your company is located.
Participants can start from their home address on their own bicycle.
This is where their piece of history acquisition begins.
If you do not have a bicycle, a bicycle will be delivered to your door.
Those who live too far can be picked up.

Of course you can also start from the office.



Daytime is handy, but it is also possible in the evening or even at night.
We can issue a 'bad weather guarantee', but we believe that teambuilding is only reinforced in bad weather.



An optimal team building situation is created in which everyone is (re) connected.
The history game itself is simple but you will need each other to fulfill the job.
Take the opportunity to get to know your (working) city and strengthen your team at the same time!
You can do the tour with or without a guide.



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